All of our wedding dresses/bridesmaid dresses can take anywhere from (4-12) weeks to create. If an item is in stock, the order will be processed and shipped within (2) business days.

We are flexible in emergencies. If a bride absolutely needs a gown within a short time, we can accommodate depending on customization requirements.
Yes, we do. We rent every dress that is in our boutique which ranges between (70-100) pieces. We also have the Share Program which is a new feature we created.
Similar to the hire policy, under the Share Program, a brand new dress is created for you, your specifications, your desires. You wear the dress at your wedding, you look gorgeous, and then you simply give it back. The fee is approximately (30%-50%) off of retail, with the hire program fee being approximately(70%) off.

We also rent our tiaras, and veils.

There is no reason to. We are an independent company, self-funded, with no affiliations to media, corporations, and/or companies. We are not paid by any company to promote their brand, nor will we ever.
Once we make a wedding dress for you in your size and customized to your specifications, we can not accept that dress as a return. Dress sales are final. We guarantee and stand behind our Brand, and if ever an issue was to arise, we will fix it. The same applies to shoes, lingerie, and intimate items.

We accept returns on jewelry, and accessories only.
Yes, you can, over the weekends. If you would rather have the shop to yourself without any other bride vying for attention, then it would be better to make an appointment.
No, we don't. The appointments are up to (2) hours long. We offer refreshments, great advice, humor, and tips.