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03 Apr

What is it? Sometime bride would rather hire a wedding gown but would rather wear a dress that is custom made to her size. The Share Program does exactly what it says, it shares the cost to make a wedding dress, with the client. 

For example, a custom wedding gown can cost anywhere from £1500 up to £10,000 depending on materials, beading, and time-frame.  With Share, that same dress that would have cost £1500, would now incur a cost of approximately £500, with the caveat being, it is given back within (7) days after the wedding.


You get to wear a brand new dress

You pay a fraction of retail.

You don't have to worry about dry cleaning and storage, we do that.

You look gorgeous wearing the dress of your dreams that you thought was unattainable.


None.  A win win for all.

Every dress in our Collection participates in The Share Program, and every custom-made dress does as well.

Let's Share!

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