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24 Jan

You are over the moon with love and excitement right now. He/She has just proposed and your first thoughts are on "the dress."

I understand, I get it, as I am also engaged, getting married this year. But, in being honest, my first thoughts were on the budget because it pays an integral role in the dress shopping experience.

Being affiliated with Brides Walking The Runway allows me some latitude as it relates to choosing the dress of my dreams, I am designing my own. This is not to say that I haven't rushed in picking a dress, because I did. 

As soon as I had a ring on it, I saw a dress on a Site and was inspired to create my own version of the dress with full customization. The dress was made, I spent quite a lofty sum, and now it sits in my wardrobe, waiting to be sold at The National Wedding Show this March.

I don't want it. It's beautiful and I look gorgeous in it if I say so myself, but after be inspired by the thousands of wedding gowns available, I have now had my fabric made, and my seamstress will create the dress of my dreams.

So I say all of that to say this, take your time, choose what you love, don't worry about what family and friends say because they are not the ones wearing the dress, you are. I'm not being rude, just real. Your moment, your shine, your dress!

I will never tire of talking about this subject because everyday you hear about people wanting to return wedding dresses after they have been made to their specifications; you can't.  

So avoid the heartache and take your time.


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