Bride Culture, Unscripted
1 min read
11 Mar

This is a subject that needs to be addressed. Weddings are beautiful, the bride looks gorgeous, the guests are drinking, eating, and merry, and all the bride does is worry about her guests.

Most times she doesn't eat, she doesn't sit down, she smiles all day for pictures, even when she sees issues that could have and should have been fixed.

The stress level is unbelievable and unless you've been through it before, you won't understand. The preparations alone, are stressful. When you have your job, your family, and your everyday life to deal with, the little time you have left for yourself is usually reserved for sleep.

When will you have time for the wedding preparations?

On Saturday, the baby has appointment, on Sunday, the roast has to be cooked early for the family who are coming over.

When will you have time to enjoy your moment that leads up to the wedding?

I'll leave it there.....

Bride Culture, Unscirpted.

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