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25 Feb

Sooo Brides,

You have been to so many bridal salons, saw hundreds of wedding gowns that you love love love yet, you didn't say, "yes to the dress."  I wonder why.

For me, during my first wedding, I decided to go to one wedding dress shop that was known in the area, the only one that was actually local. I spent over an hour looking, an hour trying on dresses, and another hour to finally make a decision.

At the time, I realize that I never loved any dress, but bought a lovely dress that I did look good in, had everyone crying saying the customary , "ahhhs " and that sealed the fate.

If I would have taken my time and simply looked for some beautiful material, found a dressmaker or bridal shop that did customization, I would have cried those tears when you know.

This time, second time around, my dress is being created with handmade fabric from The JAnderson Collection, and it is the dress of my dreams.

Have you thought about a customized dress?

Bride Culture, Unscripted.

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