Bride Culture, Unscripted
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25 Mar

I'm not, and I'm not ashamed to say so. I was supposed to get married this August, and we decided to push the wedding back. 


I'm not prepared. Working a full time job and taking care of home takes up most of my time. I found myself trying to squeeze an hour here and there to do food tasting, look for florists, makeup artist, etc, etc.

Instead of this being a fun and exciting lead-up to the wedding, it had become draining. I wasn't enjoying myself and to be honest, I think I was becoming depressed from it all.

In this blog, I keep it real with you guys and myself. I wanted to share this because if anyone else is experiencing the same feelings, speak with your significant other about your feelings.

They love you, and will support you.


Bride Culture, Unscripted

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