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01 Jun

We have a seamstress on the premises who can do just about anything when it comes to fabrics. In this instance, a bride came to us with a dress that she purchased from another location.

She wanted sleeves created that matched the appliqued lace fabric used to create the dress. We didn't shy away. We took the job on knowing that the hardest part of the job would be to find the exact fabric to match; we did.

The bride wanted the sleeves to be attached and she also wanted to shorten the dress without cutting if possible. We advised that the dress should not be cut due to the appliques, the dress would be ruined.

 We gathered the dress on the side, we used beading off of the fabric we purchased for the sleeves and created a different look where we were able to shorten the dress by a few inches.

The good thing is, the stitching can be undone to allow the bride to sell the dress if she desired, in it's original state.

Perfect for everyone!

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